About College

Congregation of Fransciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary” is one of the leading forces in eradication of ignorance by educating women and making them self-reliant. Our Congregation gives more importance to women’s education as it is realized that, only women can help the future generation in nation building progress. Because women is such a divine being who can play many roles like a mother, wife, sister and even a teacher. Our Congregation is known for its global service in the field of education. The college was started by the kind invitation of Rt.Rev.Bishop of Sivaganga to our Dear Mother Regina Mary, Superior General, Pondicherry on 18.01.94.

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Principal’s Message

“Education’s Purpose Is To Replace An Empty Mind With An Open One” – Anatole France.
Beloved students, faculties and our stake holders, Education is about “Learning for self and acquiring the wisdom of life.” It is also the manifestation of love and the most cherished possession. It drives away ignorance through illumination. Education emboldens a woman to a righteous thought, empowers and enlarges the horizon of mind.
I am greatly rejoiced and proudly place on record the fact that, Idhaya College for Women, the first child of Franciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation which is in the voyage of 23 years…

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