Each Idhayamite is looked upon as an individual endowed by God with certain talents, characters and personality traits. We are developing our students to harvest them. Idhaya looks each student to uphold the standard of the college, within and outside the campus.

  1. This college is completely devoted for learning. So the students should make use of the learning environment in a proper way and avoid bringing of mobile phone, tablet and camera.
  2. Students should be respectful, politeful and courteous towards the faculty members and all the elders.
  3. Students should behave themselves in such a way so as to bring credit to the college as well as to themselves.
  4. Students and staff should avoid doing anything by word and deed which may disturb the unity and harmony of life both in the college and in the hostel. In case of any disturbance they can approach the management at any time.
  5. The integral formation of the students vested with the authorities of the management. Hence the students must co-operate with the management in all aspects.
  6. Identity card will be issued after their admission. Each student has to wear it every day. It is absolutely essential during the time of examination and also for applying scholarship, obtaining certificates and for library entry.
  7. Since the medium of instruction is in English, the students should speak in English inside the campus.
  8. Students should co-operate with the management in keeping the premises clean and tidy. While handling the property of the college, any damage caused casually or deliberately, disciplinary actions will be taken by the management.
  9. The college and hostel is above politics and stand for all communities. Therefore cliques will be severely dealt even to the point of expulsion.
  10. Ragging is a serious offence entailing immediate dismissal from the college. Any kind of wild, noisy and disturbing celebrations are strictly forbidden in the college campus.
  11. Students are expected to enroll their names in the National Service Scheme or in any other voluntary groups offered by the college.

Dress Code:

Staff and students are expected to be neatly dressed in accordance with the rules of approved etiquette, decency and modesty. Every Monday, and on Celebration days and University exam days students are expected to come in uniform.