Anti – Ragging Committee:

AnAnti- Ragging campaign to create awareness on zero-Tolerance to ragging in the campus in held in the college campus. No ragging incidents have been reported. A healthy and friendly relationship is maintained between the fresher’s and seniors. Please be before time-Initiate to encourage the students to be on time to the college.

Youth Awareness Day:

The YRC committee was conducted on youth awareness day with the motto to incorporate the rates of the institution was conducted on 12.08.2019. Beyond campus student initiatives. The student council with the rest of the forum members readily reached out to relief activities at the face of National Diaster.

Gaja Cyclone Relief:

The council members along with student volunteers reached out to the affected people of the Gaja. Cyclone in 2018, they dida damage assessment survey of the disaster and volunteered in the rehabilitation process in the villages of Karunthidal aatrupadugai, Kadaloor District.

Plastic Awareness:

Students will gain a greater understanding of the threats facing a variety of organisms, including endangered, species and the need to reduce plastic pollution and aluminum waste. Students will understand that they can personally play an important role in reducing plastic pollution and increasing recycling rates for a healthier environment.

Food Waste Awareness:

Food waste has important environmental, social and economic impacts. And the clean dish, clean conscience initiative consisted of a simple and inexpensive education committee to raise awareness of reducing plate waste by establishing the connection between food waste and personal behavior.

Dress Code:

College students compare their dressing style which creates an inferiority complex among students. A compulsory dress code will not only create a feeling of equality but also make students focus on their studies rather than on their clothes. Dress code does not necessarily mean college uniform. A decent, smart and formal dress is what is expected in a formal place like college. It is a place where students from different backgrounds and cultures come to learn. A dress code brings about unity and eliminates discrimination.