• College Slogan: I am Good, You are Good and We are Good..
  • Starting the day with 5 lines of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.
  • Thought for the day and Brain Exercise by the staff and students.l
  • Common Assembly with Uniform and enacting mime, skit, dance and one act play representing the weekly and monthly thoughts based on values.
  • Eucharistic Celebration on First Friday of every month
  • Maintaining discipline in and around the campus
  • Maintaining Smoke free and Plastic free Campus
  • Following the “Earth Hour”
  • Adoption of villages and a High School
  • Serving Old Age and Mentally Retarded Home
  • Raising a helping hand to the people during the natural disasters
  • Conducting Blood Donation Camp
  • Inculcating leadership qualities among the students through various committees.
  • Outreach Programme
  • Honoring the rank holders
  • Conducting a cultural festival “INBAMELA”
Title Of The Practice – 1
Objective Of The Practice:
  • To mould the students to become socially committed and responsible citizens.
  • To impart human values through outreach activities.
  • To highlight the “students’ obligations” for the society.
  • To understand the meaning of “service and sacrifice”.
  • To underline the need of moral support.
The Context:

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.
Either the formal educational system or the society does not provide much opportunity for the students to excel in all fields. In order to fill this empty space, the Institution engaged the students in various outreachactivities that lead to their holistic development. “Idhaya Born to Share and Serve” is a way in which they can become competent and capable in their future endeavors as responsible citizens towards the nation and lead a happy and healthy life.

The Practice:

The Institution offers various programmes for nurturing the students’ Social Responsibility and holisticdevelopment. Following are some of the best practices adopted to attain these objectives:

Blood Donation Camp:

In order to give life to others, every year we conduct Blood Donation Camp in theinstitution by NSS Units. The staff and students are voluntarily donating blood to the needy people. So far400 staff and students donated blood.

Adoption Of Villages:

The students visit the adopted villages Chokkanathapuram, Gopalapuram, Poradaipu, Nagamathi and Vellikatti. Generally, they interact with the village people about their wellbeing.After interaction and observation of financial status, the Institution offered Goat for rearing, tea caneto the family to support their lives.The students teach them to prepare phenolin, soap powder and paper bags.We also provided financial assistance for the construction of house to three deserving women.

Adoption Of Poor Girls:

As a Commemoration of the 175th year service of our Congregation, we have selected 10 poor girls for their continuous education. Here we feel very proud to say that the students of Idhaya render their meticulous service by teaching them moral values and communicative skills.

Serving Old Age Home:

To care for the old age people, the students from various service units visit the LEVE Home – a Home for old age people, which is situated in the vicinity of our College. The students help the old age people by cutting their nails, combing the hair, cleaning their rooms and washing their clothes. They also donate some necessaries like blanket, towel, soap cakes, biscuits, and bread on their birthdays. Through this valuable and volunteer service our students learn how to be compassionate and kind towards the senior citizens at their home and the society.Monthly requirement of rice needed for home is provided by the College. Through this nearly 100 senior citizens are benefitted.

Helping A Disabled Home:

The Management and student of Idhaya always ready to help the “Special Children”. The College is continuously supporting Yesuvanam –a God’s Children’s Home. The Collegeprovides its vehicle to gather them in one place on the occasion of celebrating World Disabled Day on 3rdDecember every year. Nearly four hundred children from thirteen schools of Sivagangai Region arebenefited. Volunteer services are rendered by our staff and students. Christmas function is celebrated withthem. Dress materials and uniform are provided to them whenever they need.

Natural Calamities:

Gaja cyclone and Corona Pandemic have left their footprints drastically and trail of destruction in oursociety. To imbibe social responsibilities a team consist of staff and students went to the spot “KarunthidalAatrupadugai” located at Thanjavur District on 3rd December 2018. The team’s tireless service has proven the proverb of “Service to humanity is service to God”. Students showed their concern by contributing an amount of Rs. 2,10,000/-. Nearly 300 families were benefitted with the package of rice, dhal, towel, dress materials and blanket. Also, the team, donated the package of rice, grocery materials, blanket and other necessaries to 25 prisoner’s families.

Corona Pandemic:

The College offered required things to our subordinate staff like sweepers, scavengersand drivers. It also donated rice packs and other necessary things to the poor village called Chittur. The management generously spent Rs. 50,000/- for this meaningful social activity. Nearly 50 families benefited out of this service.

Evidence Of Success:

Reputation and goodwill of the institution among other self-financing institutions in Sivagangai Districthave grown significantly which is the finest evidence of success. The students are feeling stress free and feeling rejoiced when they are committed to social responsibility. They also developed a social concern that besides academic attainments ‘service to humanity’ during the emergency times matters a lot.A serious caution through awareness is no doubt that our students have not at all been affected by Corona Virus.

Problems Encountered And Resources Required

During the Gaja Cyclone Relief visit, the students could not stay with the victims and rendered the service.


Title Of The Practice:2 ICMS: (IdhayaCounseling And Mentoring System)

Effective functioning of Mentoring and Counseling System through early identification and guiding the students to get rid of psychological and social problems.

2. Objectives Of The Practice:
  • To achieve the mission and vision of our institution.
  • To sustain and promote rapport between the teachers and students.
  • To enable the student’s regularity and discipline.
  • To unearth the hidden talents and potential of the wards.
  • To supplement the wards’ efforts in achieving their goals.
  • To closely monitor the academic progress of the students.
  • To help the students realize the pursuance of higher education.
  • To create emotional maturity
  • To bring peace and harmony

The students of Idhaya hail mostly from a rural background. They are either first generation learners orhave just completed their schooling in the vernacular medium and they develop a complex when they are amidst the English medium students. The financial stress levels are insurmountable for many of them, which make them imbalanced. Many students come from socially dysfunctional families with multiple problems. Hence the task of the Mentor is very challenging and crucial.Moreover, it is aimed to align withthe institutional mission and vision statement on progressive lines in order to imbibe a rational positive outlook towards life thereby making them responsible citizens.

4.The Practice

A target group of 20 students is assigned to each faculty member as a Mentor who monitors their progress throughout their course of study. A booklet “Idhaya Mentoring” has been designed by the College to keep track of the student’s growth and development on campus. The session once in a week is madecompulsory for every student to attend without fail. The mentors are provided with details of mentees’performances in terms of academic (weekly test, class test, mid-term and Model Exam) and attendance records. The Mentor also keeps track of the mentees’ personal development such as co-curricular activities, discipline and career related issues. Certain academic problems of the students are discussed in the department along with the Head of the Department. The Mentor meets the parents of her ward once in a semester to update them on her overall performance. The mentoring system enables the faculty and students to establish a personal bond with each other. The parents are also called for, whenever any problem like long absenteeism, irregularity in attendance, lack of academic performance, irregularity in submission of assigned tasks, indiscipline and other teenage issues arise. If necessary, a meeting is arranged with the Principal, Vice-Principal and the Head of the Department, to take major decisions. The slow learners are also identified by the Mentors, who arrange for remedial classes and peer group study. The Mentors take special care to help the teenagers through the difficult phases in their lives. The students’ world is plagued by the media and the misuse of modern technology and gadgets to which many of the students have access. When students face emotional crisis, the Mentors counsel them and direct them to the College Counselor (Sr. Patricia Mary) to get professional help, remedial action and if necessary medical aid.

5.Evidence Of Success

Many students have benefitted from the Mentoring and Counseling sessions. They are able to cope upwith stressful situations at home and academic problems that they encounter. The number of detainment bystudents has plummeted consistently. A remarkable number of students are able to successfully complete the course through the academic assistance in the form of remedial classes and peer-group study.

6.Problems Encountered

Students are slow to absorb the benefits of the mentoring and counseling system. Unwillingness to sharetheir real problems, lack of frankness is the challenge encountered by the mentors and counselor. However, Mentors and Counselor allot sufficient time to meet the students off the class hours to sort out their problems and assist in finding a solution.