“Congregation of Fransciscan Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary” is one of the leading forces in eradication of ignorance by educating women and making them self-reliant. Our Congregation gives more importance to women’s education as it is realized that, only women can help the future generation in nation building progress. Because women is such a divine being who can play many roles like a mother, wife, sister and even a teacher. Our Congregation is known for its global service in the field of education. The college was started by the kind invitation of Rt.Rev.Bishop of Sivaganga to our Dear Mother Regina Mary, Superior General, Pondicherry on 18.01.94. According to the decision taken by the delegates of General Chapter 1993 to start a college, Sr. Regina Mary, convened a college board inviting few senior members of the congregation.

In 1996 though there were surplus opportunities available to start a college in Pondicherry, our Congregation opted Sarugani to enable the betterment of service to the backward people of this district. Mother Regina Mary, Superior General started our college on 05-08-1996.Idhaya College founded in 1996, is a Women’s College in the Revenue District of Sivaganga. It is approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu G.O. No. 511 and affiliated to Alagappa University, Karaikudi. It is a Minority Institution, established and administrated by the Sisters of Immaculate Heart of Mary Congregation, Pondicherry. Though it is a Minority Institution, the members of other religion are also admitted irrespective of caste and creed. Keeping in mind the vision of our Founder Father Louis Savenien Dupuis , the college commits itself to uplift the womenfolk economically, socially, intellectually and spiritually. The students, staff, parents, management, and the local people are all associated to form Idhaya as a family and strive towards the growth, prosperity and build up a better society.


“Aspire to Achieve” is the cherished motto of our college.


A close scrutiny of the college emblem will disclose a lot of information. The globe resting on the raised hands of women signifies that the future and the safety of the world are in the hands of women. If our Idhayamites aspire to practice the above said values, they can surely achieve and catch the world in their hands.


Blue and white are our college colours. Blue symbolizes Youthfulness and white stands for Virtue.

  • Empowering rural young women for their liberation.
  • Upholding the dignity of women.
  • Uplifting rural young women economically, socially, intellectually and spiritually.
  • Inculcating scientific temperament and creative thinking.
  • Moulding young women to be the responsible citizens of the society.
  • Become a centre of academic excellence for building up a just society.
  • Inculcate academic excellence among students through holistic education.
  • Impart futuristic education for instilling high standards of moral, social and spiritual values among students.
  • Foster scientific and rational temperament and creative thinking among students.
  • Serve women of undeveloped and underdeveloped regions of Sivagangai District.
  • Help academically, socially and economically for the welfare of the students.
  • Train young women to be the future leaders with social responsibilities and justice.

The College begins with our College Anthem “Aspire to Achieve”. It persuades to be the proud of Idhaya. It shows the student’s unitedness to achieve their goals through education. It also stimulates all the girl students to get education.