The college has a well furnished hostel building providing necessary facilities for the students. Very strict discipline is maintained in the hostel. The hostel has a scheduled program as early morning yoga and meditation, Holy mass and regular study hour. The students are provided with good food. On all second Saturdays the students are permitted to go home for weekends, water facility is available for all the 24 hours. Hostel Day was celebrated on August 25th, in commemoration of the Feast day of Louis Dupuis, the founder of our congregation in a lively manner.

  • The Idhaya Hostel is under the direct control of the college authorities who will act as “Loco parents” to all the in inmates.
  • Only those students found medically fit will be admitted.
  • Students found guilty of insubordination, theft or insincerity will be summarily dismissed especially when a timely warning has prove ineffective. Similarly students forming themselves into cliques dangerous to good discipline will be expelled
  • Hostellers will not ordinarily leave the hostel on weekend holidays. They are admitted into the hostel on the understanding that they will study hard and as such should utilize the weekend holidays for this purpose.
  • Parents or guardians may visit the students once in a month, specially on the fourth Sunday.
  • Students living in the hostel shall be under the disciplinary supervision of the hostel incharage.
  • Modesty, Simplicity and Neatness are the essential requisites’ for our hostel.