Warm greetings from NSS (unit no:56,57,58&59),

  • To give awareness on COVID-19, the NSS programme officers , uploaded the video on awareness of COVID-19 in a you tube. Herewith we have attached the link also.
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  • We feel proud to say that one of our students K.Sumithra of lll BA English , uploaded the song on awareness of COVID-19 in a you tube.The song was composed by herself and she alone sang the song. we have attached the link also here.
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  • Competition is a part of life. So to utilize the quarentine of COVID-19 in a beneficial way, the NSS programme officers took initiative and conducted E- quiz competition dated from( 05.06.20-10.06.20).We sent an E-certificate to all the participants.
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NSS Report



Our NSS volunteers went to our adopted villages Gopalapuram and Nagamathi for the “Village Visit” on 13.09.20014 at 4.30pm. nearly 40 volunteers participated and gathered information from village people. The purpose of the village visit is to know the standard of living, facilities available and the facilities needed and how they live etc.

Our volunteers have found out that they are lacking in these facilities.

  • Street light
  • Library facility
  • Electricity pole
  • Water and
  • Road


On 18.12.2014 a Rally was conducted by Primary Health Centre Sarugani. In that rally our NSS volunteers nearly 400 students participated and Mr.Francis, President of sarugani panchayat and Dr. Gowri Shanmugam also gave awareness about Dengue and prevention of Dengue.


Blood Donation Camp was conducted by Infant Jesus Province Madurai, Arul Malar Matric Hr.Sec.School on 24.01.2015. 10 NSS volunteers donated blood. Many were willing but due to low percentage of hemoglobin they could not.

Pulse Polio camp was conducted Primary Health Centre sarugani and Pavanakottai Region on 18.01.2015. our NSS volunteers have took part this camp at sarugani bus stand, sengarkovil and pavanakottai centre. Thevolunteers are:

  • A.Aruna Devi – I B.Com
  • P.Booma Devi – III B.Sc Maths
  • P.Sangeetha – II B.Com CA
  • P.Anna Prabha – I BCA
  • S.Belciya – I B.Sc Physics
  • R.Madhavi – I B.Sc CS
  • R.Priyanka – I BBA
  • B.Nivethitha – I B.Com CA
  • S.Anitha – III B.Com
  • R.Sikala – III B.Com CA


Blood Donation Camp was conducted by Infant Jesus Province Madurai, Arul Malar Matric Hr.Sec.School on 24.01.2015. 10 NSS volunteers donated blood. Many were willing but due to low percentage of hemoglobin they could not.


On 23.01.2015 “National Voters Day 2015” celebrated in our college campus. Mrs.R.Vijayalakshmi HOD of Commerce with Computer Application and Nodal officer of out college was the chief guest. She gave a special address about essentials of voting and recent trends. She introduces campus Election Ambossidor Miss. A. Revathi from II BA English of our NSS volunteer and Miss. S. Aruna from II M.Sc Mathematics gave a speech about easy registration and correction details for getting voters Identy Card. Finally all the NSS volunteers nearly 400 students have taken pledge for National Voters Day.


On 30.01.2015 our principal Rev.Sr.Jasmine gave an awarenesss talk about Dengue fever and ADS mosquitoes. After that we had arranged a “Mass Cleaning “activities by our 100 NSS volunteers had participated for Dengue Control the places where the waste water is stagnant in our college and hostel premises.


On 29.01.2015 and 30.01.2015 our NSS volunteers cleaned our college campus, Road and play ground inside the campus before the celebration of Annual sports Meet on 31st January 2015.


66th Republic day was celebrated in our college with flat hoisting. Our 100 NSS volunteer’s students have participated in that celebration.


On 02.03.2015 our NSS volunteers went to Levey Old Age Home” to visit. The purpose of that visit is to interact and know the day to day life of the Inmates and to know about how they do their regular work and pain which they face. Finally our volunteers found that they are lacking family support to share their feelings. Nearly 60 of our NSS volunteers rendered their services like Room Cleaning, Nail Cutting and gave eatables to that people and felt sad to know the condition of Old Age People.


Blood Donation Camp was arranged by our NSS volunteers with co-coordinators in our college closed Auditorium. On 03.03.2015 Dr.Chellamuthu, Blood Bank Medical Officer, Government Hospital Karaikudi. Dr.Kamaleshwaran , Medical Officer, Belayudhapattinam and Dr.Jegan Assistant Medical Officer, Thiruvegampathur, Mr.K.Muthuvel and Mr. Jeyasseelan ICTC, Karaikudi was the chief guest on that day. Our principal Sr. Jasmine presided over that camp with special address about the need and values of blood donors. Nearly 50 donors including 2 staff members donated blood. They were rewarded with appreciation certificate, apple and fruit juice.


16th convocation day was celebrated in our college on 7th March 2015. The chief guest was Mrs. V.Selvi Sub. Inspector of police, karaikudi. Our NSS volunteers nearly 40 students rendered their services for the success of the day in maintaining discipline.


Due to the Levy Jublie function our NSS volunteers cleaned the road around the Church according to the direction of Mr.Francis President of sarugani panchayat on 19th March 2015. Nearly 100 students participated in that activity.